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Encyclopaedia of the North East

L - Licht to Loon


licht la14c- n 
Light, a lamp or candle. 

lichtie la19c- 
The will o the wisp or jack o lantern (an omen of death in the NE). 

Winter days in the North-East are short and the nights long and dark. The main source of light inside most houses until the middle of last century was the fire, augmented by the crusie lamp or the fir candle. The standard of light was very poor, and at the onset of darkness most people huddled round the fire, told stories or went to bed. The advent of paraffin lamps and gas mantles let people work indoors much longer, especially in the town and their factories.

And how patient and ingenuously foul-mouthed and dourly wary and kindly they are. They endure a life of mean and bitter poverty, they endure the pretensions of every social class but their own to be the base and mainspring of human society, they, the masters who feed the world! 
Lewis Grassic Gibbon & Hugh Mac Diarmid 1934. Scottish Scene. 


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