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Encyclopaedia of the North East

Q - Quaich to quernie

A large printed capital letter Q inside a square with foliage and a bird, with wooden and silver cups and large stones.

quaich 18-quhaich em>e16 
1 n A drinking cup, usually wooden staved but also made from silver. 
2 n A bowl-shaped depression in the landscape. 

The quaich is of highland origin, the name being a corruption of the Gaelic cuach, a cup. The shape is familiar to most of us... wide and shallow, with wedge-shaped horizontal handles which to the convivially minded, seem to invite a hearty grasp, and which certainly facilitate its being passed from hand to hand when circulated as a loving cup. 
F Marian McNeill, 1956, The Scots Cellar


 n A stone hand mill for grinding grain. 
2 adj Full of grains or granules la18- 

The cronach stills the dowie heart, 
the jurram stills the bairnie; 
but the music fur a hungry wame's 
the grindin o' the quernie. 

And loes me o' ma little quernie! 
grind the gradden, grind it: 
we'll a get crowdie when its done, 
and bannocks steeve tae bind it.
'The Quern Lilt' traditional song