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Encyclopaedia of the North East

S - Simpson, Arcibald to Stone circle


Simpson, Archibald 
b 1790 Guestrow, Aberdeen d 1847 Bon Accord Sq., Aberdeen. 
Architect responsible for the design of many of the most important early 19th century in the North East esp his native Aberdeen.

stone circle n 
A circle of standing stones where ritual activities took place in antiquity 
Recumbent ~ 
A variant found only in NE Scot. where the largest block is laid on its edge at the south of the circle. 

The third millenium BC was a period of great social change in the British Isles. Certain parts of the country began to take on more of a regional identity, characterised by new types of monumentthey point to the development of a more hierarchically based form of social organisation, with the basis of power and authority rooted in the ritual associated with the monuments...
Trevor Cowie 1988. Magic Metal


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S - Simpson, Arcibald to Stone circle