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Encyclopaedia of the North East

C - Christenin, christening to corbie

A large printed capital letter C with crows, a christening dress and a cradle.

christenin, christening n 
The ceremony of baptism into the Christian Church 
usu performed on children and infants. 

Death might come and take away the young one, and if not baptised its name could not be written in the Book of Life, and heaven was closed against it. The system of registration has in a great measure put an end to this anxiety. Oh sir said a wife to the minister, this registration's the warst thing the queentry ever saw; it sud be deen awa wee athegeethir. 
Why? Asked the minister 
It' ll pi oot kirsnin athegeethir. Ye see the craitirs gets thir names, an we jist think that eneuch,an we're in nae hurry sennin fur ye.
Rev. Walter Gregor 1881. Notes on the Folklore of North East Scotland. 


corbiecorby n 
Crow, carrion crow or hooded crow la19c-occas raven, loc rook. 

La Corbie: Ragbag o' a burd in ma black duds, a' angles and elbows and broken oxter feathers, black beady een in ma executioner's hood. No braw, but Ah think Ah ha'e a sort of black glamour. 
Do I no put ye in mind of a skating minister, or, on the other fit, the parish priest, the dirty beast? 
My nes's a rickle o' sticks. 
I live on lamb's eyes and road accidents. 
Oh, see, after the battle, man it's a pure feast ma eyes are ower big even for my belly, in lean years o' peace, ma belly thinks my throat's been cut
Liz Lockhead 1987 Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off 

C - Christenin, christening to corbie