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Encyclopaedia of the North East

W - Weaver to witch stone

A large printed capital letter W with scrimshaw, a harpoon, small charms, fabric and weaving equipment.

weaver n 
A person who turns yarn into fabric 

There are two wool mills... for weaving woollen cloth... which manufacture on their own adventure, considerable quantities of the coarser sorts of woollen cloth, and of yarn for stockings. The number of hands... employed is about 30...
Rev John Morison 1840 Parish of Old Dee.


n a cetaceous sea mammal.
v to catch whales.
-r n a whale boat, a whale man
-harpoon n a barbed dart used for killing whales.
-oil n oil obtained from the blubber of a whale.

The commencement of the Whaling industry at Aberdeen dates from 1752, when a company was formed, which fitted out and sent to Greenland... two vessels of 500 tons.
V.E. Clark 1921. The Port of Aberdeen. 


witch-stone n 
A type of amulet, an object with occult power, usually a perforated stone.

I ask anyone who has been in an air raid or series of air raids to answer honestly whether he or she didn't conjure up some image of luck to help him through: some object to touch or wear, some corner to be in, things of the utmost irrationality but yet they worked - that is to say the survivors who are the only people who can tell about them... but they won't so much as see a genuine fairy walking within a yard of them!
Naomi Mitchison 1947. The Bull Calves