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Encyclopaedia of the North East

B - Barn shiel to Byron, George

A large, printed capital letter B with agricultural implements and two small blocks of wood.

barn shiel la18c-, ~shuil 17c-n 
A shovel used for moving grain.


Byron, George Gordon, 6th Lord 
b 22 January 1788 s of Catherine Gordon of Gight 
d 19 April 1824 Mussolonghi, Greece. 
Attended Aberdeen Grammar School 1794-8. Ascended peerage 1794. Left Aberdeen 1799. 

Shades of the dead! have I not heard your voices 
Rise on the night-rolling breath of the gale?' 
Surely the soul of the hero rejoices, 
And rides on the wind, o'er his own Highland vale. 
Round Loch Na Garr, while the stormy mist gathers, 
Winter presides in his cold icy car: 
Clouds there encircle the forms of my fathers; 
They dwell in the tempests of dark Loch Na Garr.

George Gordon, Lord Byron 1807 'Lachlin Y Gair'