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Encyclopaedia of the North East

P - Ploo to police

A large printed capital letter P with agricultural tools, a police hat and batons, manacles, a rattle, a whistle, torture implements and a large padlock.

ploo la19- n A plough, an instrument for turning the soil ready for planting. 
~sock n A ploughshare la17- 
~irons n The metal parts of a plough. 
~hammer n A hammer used to adjust the coulter of a plough. 

Ploughing with horses took up much more of the year before the tractor came. It went on from January till April and then from October till December. In 1937, it took 77 days or parts of days, not always in good conditions.
Alexander Fenton 1987, Wirds an Wark 'e Seasons Roon


polis = police 1 n 
1 n The civil organisation and control of a community.
2 n an official body that enforces law and order.