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Encyclopaedia of the North East

J - Jacobite to Jameson, George

A large, ornate printed capital letter J with a box, a sword, pistol, shield, horn, cushion and medals.

Jacobite 17c-
An adherant of James VII and his descendants 
2 adj object bearing mottoes expressing sympathy with the cause of the Stuart monarchy. 

If the man whose credit cards are inscribed Prince James Edward Stuart has his way, the nineties will herald independence for Scotland...the family travel on Swiss passports. They shuttle between Greenwich and Manchester, where the Jacobite party is headquartered. Manchester? The space was available he shrugs.The library and management are there, the financial centre is in Paris". He moved to the States 14 years ago ostensibly to help other emigrees. Now he spends his days recruiting Jacobite candidates to run for election, and showing the kilt at Highland gatherings in New Jersey. 
Marion Collins, May 1990 Sunday Mail Magazine


Jamesone, George portrait painter 
b c1588 Aberdeen d1644;
studied under Rubens, returned to Scotland 1620, left for Edinburgh 1633 

Jamesone, born in Aberdeen and trained in Edinburgh, from about 1620 produced during the next twenty-four years many scores of portraits of the Scottish nobility, scholars, and leading burgesses in a style which is basically native, but not native. 
Duncan Thomson 1974. The Life & Art of George Jamesone

J - Jacobite to Jameson, George