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Encyclopaedia of the North East

A: Aberdeen to axe

A large, printed capital letter A with stone, bronze and iron axe heads, a bull harness and a tin opener.

Aberdeen, Aiberdeen, ~shire n
A city and county in North East Scotland. 

A native or citizen of Aberdeen la18c [f MedL Aberdonia]

It was only in Aberdeen that I saw kilts and eightsome reels and the sort of tartan tight-fistedness that made me think of the average Aberdonian as a person who would gladly pick a halfpenny out of a dunghill with his teeth. It was a cold, stony-faced city. 

Paul Theroux 1983 'The Kingdom By The Sea'.

There's no land like Aberdeen or folk so find as them that bide by Don. 

Lewis Grassic Gibbon 1932 'Sunset Song'.


Aberdeen Angus la18c 
Name of a breed of black hornless beef-cattle.

The Tillyfour herd of Polled cattle for many years enjoyed a wide and unrivalled reputation. Its fame travelled far beyond the British Isles, and it may almost be said, that wherever there are polled Aberdeen or Angus cattle, Tillyfour blood is to be found. 

William McCombie MP 1886 'Cattle & Cattle Breeders'.


axe, aix, ax 
Chopping tool with edge and handle in the same plane occas used as status symbol or charm.

A: Aberdeen to axe