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Encyclopaedia of the North East

M - Mould to museum

A large printed capital letter M with various moulds.

mould n 
A template, a surface from which an impression is taken, a pattern.


1 n orig A temple of the muses 
2 n A place of study, a collection of curiosities, an institution or place where objects are collected for study, exhibition, and education.

...the Anthropological museum, consists of specimens which have been collected and arranged in order to illustrate, in so far as they can, the habits, customs and culture of the different races on Man.
Prof R..W. Reid (Curator 1907-1938) 1912 Illustrated Catalogue of the Anthropological Museum.

The collection is a resource for illustrating the wonder and variety of human culture, for making manifest the abstractions of social science and for conveying the principles of humanism, objectivity and aesthetic awareness. 
Charles Hunt (Curator 1979-1998) 1986 Scottish Museum News

M - Mould to museum