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Encyclopaedia of the North East

W - Wecht to wood

A large ornate printed capital letter W with a saw, adze, axe head, weights, measures and scales.

wecht n 
A standard by which something is measured, a heavy body. 

Until recently every area had its own version of a standard measure for use in competition and trade. Today, we use a mixture of the old imperial measures and the pan-European metric standard. These measures are determined by parliamentary decree in London and Brussels.


 n An area of land occupied by growing trees. 
2 n A fibrous material obtained from trees. 

The River Spey and logging are synonymous. The trees that clothe its banks are destined to make their journey to the pulping plants and wood yards via the A9 or A95 rather than floated down the river itself. Trees and the material we get from them have always been an important factor in the North East's economy.