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Encyclopaedia of the North East

T - Toun to trinket

A large printed capital letter T with a portrait in a gilded frame, trinkets, glass goblets, a stick, an axe, mace and spear head, a wooden panel and a document seal.

toun=town la14- 
1 n A farmstead or similar collection of houses, an urban community. 
2 n The people of a town, esp. fashionable society, tradesmen, immoral classes, municipal authority.

where the magistrates sit under the soveraignty of the mace, and every merchant in his pew; where every society of mechanicks have their particular seats... suitable to their profession; so that confusion seldom or rarely happens amongst them... and the civillity of the people such, that no man is left destitute of a seat to sit on, but every one entertained answerable to his quality.
Memoirs of Richard Franck (description of a journey to Aberdeen) 1656


trinket n 
An ornament usually worn on the person.