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Encyclopaedia of the North East

M - Muir

A large printed capital letter M with shotguns, flasks, cartridges and a pair of grouse.

muir la15-mure la14-e19 
1n = moor 
2 Rough cultivated heathery land considered as part of an estate freq used for gun sports. 
~burn the controlled burning of moorland to make way for new growth. 
~cock the male red grouse. 
~pout a young red grouse 16-e20

The 12th of August is, generally speaking, too early to commence grouse-shooting. The 24th would be a better day to appoint. The early period being fit only for those who shoot for the newspaper, as certain sportsmen seem to do whose names appear every season as having murdered some marvellous number of grouse on the 12th.
Charles St. John 1882. Natural History & Sport in Moray.