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Encyclopaedia of the North East

B - Baltic to broadsword

A large, printed capital letter B with swords, a silver cup and a small metal staff.

Baltic n a sea that divides Northern Europe from Scandinavia. Hence the lands around its coasts. 
The North East has ancient links with the Baltic lands. In the Bronze Age, amber from the North German coasts was being used by the leading members of North East society. By the mediaeval period many merchants from the North East were making their fortune trading timer, wool and salmon between Scotland and the Baltic. These links continue, though now it is the products of Polish coal mines, German engineering materials or even academic exchanges that form the basis for contact.


broadsword n the Highlanders' large two-edged sword; also the basket-hilted single-edged broad-sword 18c-;the claymore. [Gael claidheamh a sword + mor great] 

the ingentes gladii of the Caledonians, mentioned by Tacitus. The same kind of sword was preserved in the highlands to this present age: but the enormous length of the weapon has been found useless against the firmness of determined troops, from the Battle of Mons Grampius, to the recent victory of Culloden. The short swords of the forces of Agricola and the bayonets of the British regulars, were equally superior.
Thomas Pennant 1774 'A Tour In Scotland.