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Encyclopaedia of the North East

C - Cairngorms to clock

A large red manuscript capital letter C, with clocks and watches, metal, ceramic and stone objects from Coull Castle, two ptarmigans and a black crystal.

Cairngorms n 
1 Highest mountain range in Britain lying on the Aberdeenshire / Banffshire / Invernesshire border 
2 A yellowish-brown semi-precious stone la18C-

For some thousands of years after the last Ice Age, the high tops of the Cairngorms changed little. The Highlanders seldom climbed up to them. Many times the climate warmed and cooled but the stormy tablelands still remained an arctic wilderness. Up to the Second World War, more visitors went to the Highlands, but there was not yet a great popular tourist boom. From the 1950s however, developers and tourists have greatly changed these tops.
D Nethersole-Thomson & A Watson 1974. The Cairngorms: their natural history and scenery.


castle n

1 a fortified dwelling

the residence of a prince or nobleman

Coull - early castle of enclosure near Aboyne built in the 13th century.

Kildrummy - large 13th century castle near Alford possibly elaborated by Edward I of England.


clock n

a machine for measuring time

a time measure

a beetle la16C-vi

4 the sound made by a broody hen la17C-

"At the third stroke, the time sponsored by the Accurist will be ten forty-one and twenty seconds."