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Opening Night

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"One of my happiest memories of directing the Student Show was listening to the audience reaction on opening night. It always amazed me how much love and support was in the theatre, not only for the cast and everyone involved, but also for the history and tradition that is at the heart of the Aberdeen Student Show."

Michelle Bruce, Director of 'Spital Shop of Horrors', 2013
and 'Wullie Wonkie and the Fine Piece Factory', 2014

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Ivver year since 1929, Student Show ha' bin performed a' His Majesty's Theatre in Aiberdeen. Sae, imagine ye hiv got yersel a dram an' a’ sittin’ up in tae gods wi’ yer family an’ freens -  sit back, relax an’ enjoy tae show(s)!

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Every year since 1929, Student Show has been performed at His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen. So, imagine you have got yourself a drink and are sitting 'up in the gods' with your family and friends - sit back, relax, and enjoy the show(s)!

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Jimmy Ross, Iain Hunter and Bunny Gordon

'Tennis Song' and 'Love is a Bird' from 'Caravanella', 1935

Performed by Jimmy Ross and Iain Hunter

UoA Collections · Caravanella

Ross and Hunter can be seen on the right, along with their co-star "Bunny" Gordon.

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Beating Time programme p.22

Instrumental from 'Beating Time', 1938

UoA Collections · Beating Time Part 1

To the left is a page from the 'Beating Time' souvenir programme, containing a humourous imaginary scene about the origins of that year's show.

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Element of Surprise programme

'I'll Love You' from 'Element of Surprise', 1963

Buff Hardie and Stephen Robertson wrote the 1963 show, and are pictured here in that year's souvenir programme.

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Feel Free programme

'Feel Free', 1964

'Feel Free' was Reginald Barrett Ayres' penultimate show as Director. This song, with the same title of the show itself, is performed here by the whole chorus.

UoA Collections · Feel Free
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'Super Duper' from 'Date Expectations', 2008

Head back to 'Rehearsals' to see how this performance looked during the rehearsal, and get a sense of what a difference the HMT stage can make!

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'Aye Aye Fit Like' from 'Mary Torphins', 2012

Sung to the tune of 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' and accompanied by impressively speedy choreography, this song from 'Mary Torphins' was one of 2012's stand out moments.

'Mary Torphins' closing number

And now for a sing-along!

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In this video, the untiring Eric Crockart treats us to another performance, this time of the song 'The Gentlemanly Oilman' from 1977's 'Royal Flush'. The song was written by Eric Crockart and Willie Reid, and performed by Willie Reid.

The music starts at 2:57 after an introduction from Eric.