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Walking with Birds: The Art of Audubon and MacGillivray

Protecting Birds

Audubon's Snowy Owl, Climate Threatened

Climate crisis

As was highlighted in 2019's Global Climate Strike, the environment is under serious threat, and so are birds, including many of those that Audubon and MacGillivray painted.

The Audubon Society's Birds and Climate Change report (2014) placed snowy owls in the 'Climate Threatened' category, which means they are predicted to lose over 50% of their range by 2080. The Society's report from October 2019 showed that two-thirds of studied North American birds are at increased risk of extinction from global temperature rise.

The US and Canada have lost over 1 in 4 birds since 1970, and bird populations in general have declined by 29% - a loss of around 3 billion birds.

Let's take action!

Lots of visitors to our gallery exhibition of Walking with Birds contributed their ideas for ways we can all help to protect birds, and the environment in general.

Here are some of their suggestions - we hope they inspire you to help in the fight against the climate crisis and to protect the birdlife all around us.

How to Protect Birds
  •  Grow more trees
  •  Keep birdfeeders year-round in your garden
  •  To conserve birds we need to teach people to appreciate them more and to spread that appreciation
  •  Find conservation groups and ways to volunteer
  •  Bird-friendly gardens, bird baths, food, plants, bushes and trees
  •  Don't use pesticides and inorganic fertiliser in your garden
  •  Reduce your carbon footprint by following a plant-based diet
  •  Don't litter
  •  Recycle and place rubbish in the correct bins
  •  Buy fewer plastic products
  •  Plant native species in your garden
  •  Don't use too much energy, use low-energy light bulbs
  •  Enjoy nature respectfully, keeping safe distances from wildlife

Find out more about conservation from the Audubon Society, including ideas for getting outside and enjoying nature with kids!