picture painting (Archibald Forbes)

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picture painting (Archibald Forbes)



Forbes,Archibald LLd


Oil painting, 3/4 portrait, standing, facing. Short greying brown hair, walrus moustache, wears olive drab trenchcoat, white scarf, arms behind back holding papers. Plate reads 'Archibald Forbes LLD AFTER H Von HERKOMER', so possibly a copy. Herkomer ran a school in Bushey in Hertfordshire in 1890's. He was a very successful portraitist. The pose is in late 19th-century style. Archibald Forbes (1838-1900) was a war correspondent and a large collection of medals given to him were bequeathed to the University 1922. This portrait is glazed. Inscription: Label on back: MILITARY EXHIBITION LONDON, 1901. | HISTORICAL AND RELIC SECTION | BACK LABEL | No...... | Title of Picture or Work.... Portrait of Archibald Forbes | after H. V. Hercomer, R.A. | Contributer's Name and Address .... Mrs Archibald Forbes | 1 Clarence Terrace | Regent's Park | Price (if for sale) s. d. | Please attach this label to BACK of Picture


Von.Herkomer, Hubert Sir ?


Early: 1870 Late: 1920


oil.paint canvas


H: 1580 mm W: 1240 mm Th: 155 mm | H: 1250 mm W:


Europe Scotland Aberdeen