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ABDUA:19721Accessory Cup PotPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Tiny cup, decorated with incised herring-bone markings, found on the surface of the ground on Hill of Keir, with an ammonite fossil was found inside and a flint arrowhead lying nearby (Hill of Keir is an enclosed cemetery and later hillfort). The pot has been described variously as an 'urn', 'incense cup' and 'accessory cup'. [show more]
ABDUA:19743Accessory Cup PotPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Decorated with a rough diamond-like pattern, fine incised lines running in opposite directions, giving a basket-like or woven impression. Small hole pierced through the shoulder. This cup was found in a collared urn (ABDUA: 19742) by Leslie Mutch, the 9 year old son of Mr and Mrs Mutch who farmed the Mains of Carnousie. Other contents of the urn included a broken bead or toggle (ABDUA: 14787), some pieces of charcoal and fragments of human bone. [show more]
ABDUA:15928Adze AxePhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Hand adze, perhaps used by coopers to strip bark off trees. One of a number of items (eg ABDUA 15895 to 15915) donated by Mrs Argo of Aberdeen, some of which were used on the farm of Darnabo, near Fyvie, Aberdeenshire. Most of the items date to the early 20th century, though some objects may be even older. Mrs Argo left the Darnabo farm c. 1970, and had previously been at New Deer. [show more]
ABDUA:14845Ammonite FossilPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Ammonite fossil found inside an accessory pot, lying on the ground surface on Hill of Keir. Hill of Keir is an enclosed cemetery and later Hillfort.
LEMUR:1000044Animal Stuffed AnimalPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Red Squirrel, on loan from Zoology Museum.
ABDUA:18636ArrowPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Silver arrow. Prize formerly contended for by a Fraternity of Bowmen in Aberdeen. Inscription: Engraved with: coat.of.arms of Earls.Marischal and L WK vicit anno 1769
ABDUA:17223Arrow Arrow HeadPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Arrowhead, made from copper-coloured flint. Type: laurel leaf / 1Bf Inscription: Hill of Brack.... Inverkeithnie
ABDUA:14405Arrow Arrow HeadPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:From a collection of items from Coull Castle. Museum's Slip Catalogue: 'medieval relics from Coull Castle. Was found in the South door of domestic range.'
ABDUA:18027Arrow Arrow HeadPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Leaf-shaped flint arrowhead, part of wooden haft survives.
ABDUA:17130Arrow Arrow HeadPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Flint arrowhead. Type: barbed and tanged / Kilmarnock n.