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<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A22120%27%29">ABDUA:22120</a>Mummified catEgypt
Description:Mummy of cat, in brown linen wrappings, rhombic bandaging.
ABDUA:17645, 17646A certificate certifying a James S. Barclay as a member of the Aberdeen division of the Civil Defence Corps in 1949, and a silver badge with the initial A.R.P. and a crown.Physical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Hallmarked silver lapel badge, Design: Crown over ARP (Air Raid Precautions); Used by Mr J Barclay during his duties as section (platoon) leader in Aberdeen Civil Defence and Printed Certificate of Enrolment, 'This is to certify that James S Barclay, (434 Hilton Drive) (this address crossed out and 132 Heathryfold Circle inserted), is a member of the Aberdeen Division of the CIVIL DEFENCE CORPS' Signed and dated 18/11/49 [show more]
ABDNP:200205aA large brass wheel sitting on four smaller wheels, in a brass frame on a circular wooden stand. The smaller wheels spin at a much slower rate when the large wheel is spun.Physical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Device exhibiting a low friction bearing. Friction wheels on circular base with holes for pulley cord - (top of Atwood's machine). Steel axles. Three 2 mm brass stud feet. Displayed in King's visitors' centre until 1993 - 2003. "Brilliant workmanship in the 1780s by the hand of Professor Copland himself. He created this model of a low friction bearing used as part of Atwood's machine." [show more]
ABDNP:200206aA wooden cube with two brass and turned wooden handles projecting diagonally backwards from the sides, and a small brass plate projecting backward from the top. The plate rests on a stand with a point. The cube balances perfectly upright.Physical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Wooden cube with wooden angled handles and short brass balancing arms, and stand for cube with balancing point. Circular brass disc stamped ' Univ. Abdn. Nat. Phil.'. Similar to item in 1790 catalogue of Thomas Jones(?). Visitors' Centre caption "Late eighteenth-century mechanical demonstration from Professor Copland's cabinet, showing a cube with handles balancing beyond its edge with support under the centre of gravity of the whole shape". [show more]
ABDUA:19721Accessory Cup PotPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Tiny cup, decorated with incised herring-bone markings, found on the surface of the ground on Hill of Keir, with an ammonite fossil was found inside and a flint arrowhead lying nearby (Hill of Keir is an enclosed cemetery and later hillfort). The pot has been described variously as an 'urn', 'incense cup' and 'accessory cup'. [show more]
ABDNP:200006aAchromatic telescope. Long brass telescope with smaller viewfinder telescope on a tall mahogany stand with three legs.Physical ObjectPatrick Copland, astronomy, science, history of science
Type:Physical Object
Subject:Patrick Copland, astronomy, science, history of science
Description:'Dollond's achromatic telescope of two and three quarter inch aperture and 4 feet focus, with polar axis, on a mahogany stand, 2 astronomical and 1 terrestrial eyepiece and a divided object glass micrometer.' The instrument in the University's possession fits this description except that it has only one eyepiece. It is signed 'Dollond, London' but unnumbered. Mackay records (in 'The Theory and Practice of finding Longitude at Sea or Land' pg 199, first edition, London 1793) that for observations of Jupiter's satellites he used powers of 'about 80 and 115 according to the state of the atmosphere.' In the observatory notebook (A.U.L. Ms 504) he records powers of about 70 and 126 and always refers to the telescope as the '46 inch achromatic of Dollond.' Maskelyne suggested (in a letter to Patrick Copland, dated 7th Dec. 1780 in A.U.L. Ms 2886) that Sisson should make the mount but there is no record of whether he did or not. The cost was pounds £73.10. A similar telescope was purchased by the Radcliffe Observatory in 1774 and is illustrated as item 183 in R.T.Gunther 'Early Science in Oxford' vol.II opposite pg 314 (Oxford,1923). Dollond's divided object glass is shown in a photograph in the Van Marum collection catalogue (66) pg 298, fig 224 and also in R.T.Gunther ibid. opposite pg 329. On equatorial mount with remains of sighting telescope . Its focal length and aperture are correct, as in the mount type and material. With object glass micrometer (separate) and one steadying arm (separate). [show more]
ABDUA:18562Adjustable horseshoe. An iron horseshoe with a hinge in the middle.Physical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:An adjustable horseshoe, used by the farrier to spread a contracted hoof. The horse-shoe is hinged at the toe so that when fitted it allows the foot to spread out, encouraging it to become broader as the horse walks on it over a period. Inscription: E HUNTER [show more]
ABDUA:15928Adze. An adze with a wide, flat rusty iron head and a wooden handle.Physical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Hand adze, perhaps used by coopers to strip bark off trees. One of a number of items (eg ABDUA 15895 to 15915) donated by Mrs Argo of Aberdeen, some of which were used on the farm of Darnabo, near Fyvie, Aberdeenshire. Most of the items date to the early 20th century, though some objects may be even older. Mrs Argo left the Darnabo farm c. 1970, and had previously been at New Deer. [show more]
ABDUA:63350Album. A large book bound in red leather. The book is open on the first pages. On the left page is an illustration of shinty sticks with ribbons and scrolls. The right page is richly decorated with colour illustrations of a ship, crossed swords, the University of Aberdeen's coat of arms, the Littlejohn of Invercharron Challenge Vase, an elderly white man in a black gown and an another in highland dress, King's College, a student in a red gown, and Marischal College. Colourful gilded borders of knotwork border the illustrations.Physical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:The 'Littlejohn of Invercharron Challenge Vase Album', illuminated, leather bound. Records the details of Alexander Littlejohn offering Aberdeen University Athletic Club a 'shinty trophy' in 1905.
ABDUA:14845Ammonite FossilPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Ammonite fossil found inside an accessory pot, lying on the ground surface on Hill of Keir. Hill of Keir is an enclosed cemetery and later Hillfort.