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Zoology Museum Photo by George Washington WilsonZoology Museum Photo by George Washington WilsonZoology Museum
Subject:Zoology Museum
Description:The Zoology Museum at Marischal College
Zoology display. Taxidermy birds in a display case.Zoology display. Taxidermy birds in a display case.
ABDNP:201856aZamboni piles
Description:Pair of zamboni piles stored in sealed glass tubes with corks; completely sealed units
Yongle DadianYongle Dadian
Yokel Hero programme cover, 2006Yokel Hero programme cover, 2006
Yellow-throated Vireo, John James Audubon, Plate 119Yellow-throated Vireo, John James Audubon, Plate 119
ABDUA:18881Yarnet. A rectangular wooden box about a foot and a half lonf with a handle.Physical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Wooden 'yarnet' - used in holding yarn to be made into skeins or wound into balls.
ABDUA:18867, 18865, 18877Yarn winders and yarn. Two wooden yarn winders consisting of a bar with bars on either end positioned perpendicular to each other, and a spool of yarn thread.Physical Object
Type:Physical Object
ABDUA:18738Yard and ell measure. A long wooden bar with projections at either end so that something a yard long would fit in the space between the projections. There are markings along the bar, and brass plates on the side at either end.Physical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Measures an ell and imperial yard each in 1/2,1/4,1/16 and 1/32nd parts.
Description:Inlaid body on 3 small round brass feet (front one missing). 19 plates C1 to G3 (highest). Sounds good. Circular brass disc ' Univ. Abdn. Nat. Phil. '