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Zoology Museum Photo by George Washington WilsonZoology Museum Photo by George Washington WilsonZoology Museum
Subject:Zoology Museum
Description:The Zoology Museum at Marischal College
ABDNP:201856aZamboni piles
Description:Pair of zamboni piles stored in sealed glass tubes with corks; completely sealed units
Yokel Hero programme cover, 2006Yokel Hero programme cover, 2006
Yellow-throated Vireo, John James Audubon, Plate 119Yellow-throated Vireo, John James Audubon, Plate 119
ABDUA:18861Yarn Winder Swier KittyPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Yarn winder, or swier-kitty, with frame in wood and spindles in iron. Type: double-reeled. Shape: turned. Decoration: concentric bands (incised).
ABDUA:18881Yarn Holder YarnetPhysical Object
Type:Physical Object
Description:Wooden 'yarnet' - used in holding yarn to be made into skeins or wound into balls.
Description:Inlaid body on 3 small round brass feet (front one missing). 19 plates C1 to G3 (highest). Sounds good. Circular brass disc ' Univ. Abdn. Nat. Phil. '
ABDNP:201388aX-ray film envelopes
Description:20 long thin white envelopes for storing X-ray powder pattern film.
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A24269%27%29">ABDUA:24269</a>writing.set palette
Description:Writing set/palette complete with four pens. The wooden tablet is recessed to hold the pens and has five holes containing the original colours white, brown, black, green. The pens are of wood with small brass nibs.
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A63403%27%29">ABDUA 63403</a>writing.set
Description:Robert Wilson's writing set - small table-top desk with carrying handle, 2 glass bottles for ink, drawer at the front, letter opener, blotter, candle holder.