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pipe tobacco.pipepipe tobacco.pipeABDUA:7687
Description:Tobacco pipe, used by Kaffirs. In Knight's manuscript (MS M106, 1840): 'Tobacco pipe and Segar Pipe of Steatite ... presented Augt 1821, by Mr Thom, African Missionary'.
Google Trends ScreenshotGoogle Trends ScreenshotA screenshot of Google search results showing interest in data protection.
Subject:A screenshot of Google search results showing interest in data protection.
Description:These Google search results show the high level of concern around data protection in the year 2020.
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A64010%27%29">ABDUA:64010</a>amphora neck.amphora jug pot ( with lid ) Achilles Ajax Athene
Subject:Achilles Ajax Athene
Description:Amphora, black-figured in glazed red clay. Two ribbed handles with fan-shaped ornamentation. Lid light red, broad band round middle, and black knob. Shows Achilles and Ajax playing dice at the altar of Athene whose figure stands behind. Reverse shows youth wearing petasus standing by horse talking to two men. [show more]
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A50285%27%29">ABDUA:50285</a>statue sculpture (Aesculapius Esculapius) Aesculapius Esculapius
Subject:Aesculapius Esculapius
Description:Small statue of Aesculapius. The head is classical, the body probably 19th century AD. Head given to Fordyce by Lord Bute (see Knight c.1840, MS M111 for two references to 'the head of Esculapius').
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A26010%27%29">ABDUA:26010</a>sculpture carving stupa fragment amorini
Description:Carved schist relief representing amorini. Amorini symbolise love, like cherubs, and are generally naked, wearing only necklaces and anklets. They originated in Greece and spread throughout Western Asia, becoming particularly popular in Gandhara. The amorini are shown holding an undulating garland on their shoulders, with bunches of fruit hanging at the bottom of the loops, while gods and goddesses occupy the spaces above. [show more]
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A26015%27%29">ABDUA:26015</a>sculpture carving stupa fragment assault of Mara
Subject:assault of Mara
Description:Fragment of a carved schist relief representing the assault of Mara. Inscription: Old label: 5
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A64007%27%29">ABDUA:64007</a>amphora jug pot Athene
Description:Two-handled vase, red-figured in glazed red clay. Obverse; youth with long staff. Reverse; Athene running with helmet in right hand and spear and shield with serpent in left. Wreath of foliage round neck. Type C amphora (bulgy body, rounded rim)
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A64009%27%29">ABDUA:64009</a>amphora neck.amphora jug pot Athene Hector Priam
Subject:Athene Hector Priam
Description:VASEI Obv. Athene with large round shield, encircled by rim of purple, with a bird flying as device, strikes with spear a Giant who has fallen on one knee. Behind him another Giant. Athene wears aegis and a dress spangled with white spots arranged in sets of 3 (?) or 4 (::). Rev. On the reverse, Warrior (Hector) speaking to Old Man (Priam). On each side bowman with long pointed cap. Above and below, zones of maeander and other ornamentation, sometimes purple and black, sometimes black alone - filling whole surface. [show more]
ABDUA:8909Quiverbasket-work quiver covered with resinous material, bark bag attached containing silk cotton
Subject:basket-work quiver covered with resinous material, bark bag attached containing silk cotton
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A64995%27%29">ABDUA:64995</a>sculpture carving statue BuddhaBodhisattva Maitreya
Subject:Bodhisattva Maitreya
Description:Single standing statuette of the Buddha/Boddhisatva Maitreya. The figure is draped, and with moustache, topknot, tuft, halo. Hands missing.