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<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A15869%27%29">ABDUA:15869</a>watch
Description:Silver watch, oblong octagon in shape. Designed to have only one pointer. Dial plate has a pastoral scene with houses, outside case decorated with designs which include branches of trees. Said to have been John Knox's watch, presented to him by Queen Mary, and handed down as an heirloom. N.Forfaict.a.Paris [show more]
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A17561%27%29">ABDUA:17561</a>sword
Description:Blade of a double-edged sword with signature on fullers and ricasso. See museum's Accessions Book, 1941-1944, 1946-1963, p98: 'Sword Blade (Old). L 1050 B35 Found in Holyrood Chapel wall.' Thomson's MS Catalogue: 'Sword found in Wall of Holyrood Chapel - about 1815 - bought by A. F.' A. F. is probably Arthur Fraser, Thomson's brother-in-law. Inscription: Wilheim Klein Soli-deo-gratia Solingen [show more]
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A17625%27%29">ABDUA:17625</a>chain
Description:Silver chain, with pendant, disc and movable sliding knobs ornamented with filigree work in silver gilt. Garnet in the centre of the disc. Probably used as an incense censer chain. Found in 1735 under floor of the library of Marischal College and University of Aberdeen, which formed part of the buildings of the ancient Franciscan Convent on that site. [show more]
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A17636%27%29">ABDUA:17636</a>axle axle.hoop
Description:Iron ring, supposed to have been axle hoop of Caledonian war chariot used in battle between Agricola and Galgacus, fought nearby - found at Roman Camp, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire 1800.
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A17649%27%29">ABDUA:17649</a>carving sculpture figure bishop
Description:Carving of a bishop, seated, in sandstone. Crozier: continental type. Possibly part of a corbel table. There are, down the East coast, a number of figure carvings. The stone itself is from the band of Old Red Sandstone that stretches to Fermanagh.
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A17651%27%29">ABDUA:17651</a>sword hunting.sword knife
Description:Dress sword, deer horn hilt, leather scabbard. Scabbard also holds knife with deer horn handle and mountings in gilded brass. Type: couteau de chasse. Reid (1912): 'Sword belonged to Campbell of Glencoe, the perpetrator of the Massacre of Glencoe. Sword was preserved by the family of Mr Garden Campbell of Troup and Glenlyon, and presented to Dr Robert Wilson.' [show more]
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A17727%27%29">ABDUA:17727</a>nocturnal.instrument
Description:Wooden instrument to tell the time by the stars. Large circular plate with months marked, smaller plate, pointing arm revolving from centre of large plate. Reverse side marked as a compass and date (1511) though this is said not to be true, that this type of nocturnal was developed long after this date. Given to Alexander Thomson by Rev D J Arthur. Inscription: On front: months On reverse: compass marks and MDXI (1511). [show more]
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A178%27%29">ABDUA:178</a>spatula lime.spatula
Description:Carved wooden lime spatula, decorated with female figure with glass beads (red), and shell beads (red). Hunt(1981): 'Betel chewing is practised widely in Melanesia. The betal mixture consists of nut of the areca palm, fruit or leaves of the betel pepper, and lime made by burning coral or shells. The lime is kept in bamboo vessels or gourds and is taken with a wood or bone spatula.' [show more]
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A17846%27%29">ABDUA:17846</a>ink.stand ink.well
Description:China ink stand, blue and white delftware. Once the property of Wodrow the Church Historian (Robert Wodrow 1679-1734). Inscription: Old label: Inkstand of Wodrow the Historian
<a href="http://calms.abdn.ac.uk/Geology/dserve.exe?dsqIni=Dserve.ini&amp;dsqApp=Archive&amp;dsqCmd=Show.tcl&amp;dsqDb=Catalog&amp;dsqPos=0&amp;dsqSearch=%28ObjectNumber%3D%27ABDUA%3A17862%27%29">ABDUA:17862</a>symbol.stone Pictish.stone
Description:Type: Class 1. Front: double-disc & Z-rod Back: flower & mirror & comb