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Encyclopaedia of the North East

T - Tartan to Trinket


tartan la19tarton, tertane16 n adj 
A woven cloth with a pattern of stripes of different colours crossing at right angles; such as a pattern esp one associated with a particular clan (although the ascribing of such is unhistorical). 

The clans begin to gather in Braemar days before the games begin. There is the Clan Mayfair, the Clan Belgravia, the Clan Chicago, the Clan Washington, with various septs and dependents wearing their national horn-rims and monacles. They gather in long touring cars. They fill the hotels for miles around with bright chatter of grouse and salmon. Here and there among them is a genuine laird whose knees are voted by the beautiful girls of the Clan Chicago, just too cute for woids
H.V. Morton 1929. In Search of Scotland.

toun=town la14- 
1 n A farmstead or similar collection of houses, an urban community. 
2 n The people of a town, esp. fashionable society, tradesmen, immoral classes, municipal authority.

where the magistrates sit under the soveraignty of the mace, and every merchant in his pew; where every society of mechanicks have their particular seats suitable to their profession; so that confusion seldom or rarely happens amongst them.and the civility of the people such, that no man is left destitute of a seat to sit on, but every one entertained answerable to his quality. 
Memoirs of Richard Franck (description of a journey to Aberdeen) 1656

trinket n 
An ornament usuworn on the person.


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