Acts of Union

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Acts of Union


Acts of Union


Online exhibition commemorating 300th anniversary of Anglo-Scottish union of 1 May 1707

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Dr James Fraser
3/4 portrait of James Fraser, seated and facing right, with head towards viewer. Long grey periwig, wearing brown coat, white cravat, floppy lace cuffs and a tan waistcoat. Left hand holds book on table with spine up on a green drape background.…

Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury
Near full portrait of Bishop Gilbert Burnet wearing Knight Garter robe and Chain, with large, heavy tassels hanging from neck and cloak. Sitter has long brown hair, and is seated on heavily brocaded blue and gold chair, with the right cushion bearing…

Sibyl Europa
Europaea. 1/2 portrait, facing with shoulder length curled hair and wearing a wide brimmed hat. Holds sceptre in right hand and open book in left hand. Wears pearl drop earrings, light-coloured diaphenous robe with red flower patterned shawl.

Maces of King's and Marishal
The mace of King's College made by Walter Melville of Aberdeen, 1650.
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